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Dead Rising 4 takes place sixteen years after the events of Dead Rising. The Willamette Memorial Megaplex mall and surrounding town are overrun with deadly predators. Retired photojournalist Frank West returns to uncover the government conspiracy behind the outbreak. He discovers that a clandestine military operation, a former student gone rogue, and a cunning new breed of zombie are all racing for the same evidence. Frank must get to the truth first… or die trying.

Join Frank West. Explore a vast, open world sandbox. Enjoy classic hallmarks of the ground-breaking series along with ambitious new features: Distinct zombie classes, EXO Suits, and 4-Player Multi Player.


DISTINCT ZOMBIE CLASSES So you think if you’ve seen one zombie, you’ve seen them all? Not on your life. Dead Rising 4 delivers a zombie game that's on a whole new level. Freshly-infected zombies and evolved undead burst from the horde - turning your holiday-slaughter free-for-all into a gripping battle to stay alive. EXO SUITS How do you get a pants-optional guy like Frank West to wear a suit? You ditch the three-piece business variety for a military-grade EXO Suit that gives him enough strength to turn a parking meter into a fee-collecting hammer of zombie-smashing goodness. 4-PLAYER MULTI PLAYER Go on a two-day mission of maximum multi player mayhem. You have friends, right? Bring them along. Heck, bring your enemies too. It’s the holidays, after all. What better way to bond than cooperatively slicing, dicing, bashing, smashing, and trashing the undead for hours on end? SELFIES Frank’s guide to the perfect selfie: Be naturally attractive. Point camera at self. Express an emotion. Click! Bonus Pro Tip: Sneak up on an unsuspecting zombie and haul them into frame. Not bad for an old… err… experienced gentleman, right? COMBO WEAPONS Pick up something sharp. Combine it with something powerful. Kill zombies. Easy. A marlin and a crossbow? They make a righteous Fish Launcher. What about this blade, blowtorch, and gas nozzle? Flaming Sword. Sliced zombie flambé all the live-long day. COMBO VEHICLES Smash, crash, bash, and slash zombies with pure driving pleasure. Dead Rising 4 Combo Vehicles come complete with weapons and a license to kill. Fire anything from golf balls, bullets, hot oil, electricity, to zombies themselves.


FRANK WEST A veteran of zombie outbreaks, Frank returns to Willamette to earn back his good journalistic name. Although more mature and experienced (he's ACTUALLY covered wars, you know), his primary motivation is still fame and prestige. He is fond of his journalist student Vick, and when she goes out on her own, is infuriated by the success of her investigation. VICK CHU Frank's protégé. She disagrees with his sensationalist articles and sets out on her own to tell Willamette's story her way. Idealistic, hard-headed, and arrogant, she’s not above selling people out to get information. Her conspiracy theory contacts clue her and Frank into illicit research conducted by the mysterious Obscuris. CMDR. FONTANA Maria Eleanor Raquel Fontana runs the clandestine military organization named Obscuris. Although a stern commander, she has no interest in terrorizing zombie outbreak survivors or being a tyrant to her troops. She’s as loyal to her men as she is to her paycheck. DR. BLACKBURNE A former colleague of Dr. Barnaby at the Department of Homeland Security, Blackburne was removed from the initial zombie research in 2006 in favor of government-assigned scientists. She was readily recruited by Obscuris to continue Barnaby's research. You could call her the "absent-moralled" professor. BRAD PARK Commander of Zombie Defense and Control (ZDC), Brad wants to do the right thing and get to the bottom of the latest Willamette outbreak. Dry, patient, and helpful, he enlists Frank West to help him get the job done. KYLIE HAMMOND A former Naval engineer, she came to Willamette to help with reconstruction, but her recommendation to fortify emergency shelters went ignored. A new outbreak left her injured while aiding civilians. She was rescued by and employed by Tom Pickton - a man who’s more than he appears to be - and not in a good way. TOM PICKTON A rancher who became unhinged when his wife and daughter were killed in the first Willamette outbreak. Tom became obsessed with preparing for another. When it happened, he provided people with food and shelter but began to develop delusions of grandeur, seeing himself as the savior of Willamette - someone who can do no wrong. CONNOR MCMANN Formerly a Portland bartender, Connor moved to Willamette to pursue his dream of being a "mountain man": chopping wood, curing meat, and growing his beard. He looks like a brooding hipster, but he’s fast and flexible when facing adversity. Connor has history with Tom and admiration for Kylie - a dangerous relationship triangle. ISAAC TREMAINE Isaac keeps his opinions to himself. While he seems withdrawn, it’s only because he’s deep in thought over his work as a butcher or anticipating Tom’s long-term goals. Quick-thinking and practical, Isaac's not a people-person, but he’s got a heart of gold and is fiercely protective of his friends. JESSA YATSUDA A cunning, dark-humored, sticky-fingered mechanic. She’ll talk like a nail gun and twist your words to her advantage, but her hard-earned loyalty lasts forever. Jessa values strength in allies and exploits cowardice in enemies. She agrees with Tom on survival but defers to Kylie and her ability to think beyond petty egotism. JORDAN MAXWELL A Colorado-born, intelligent mining/demolitions tech, she has a puckish, kindling wit. Jordan’s a shrewd assessor of people around her. She’s generally affable, but when presented with problems, she’s tenacious, determined, and effective. Jordan loves Kylie fiercely and would do anything for her.
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EVOS Cunning, agile killers that leap from above to tackle their prey, howl to enrage nearby zombies, and hold their attacks until victims drop their guard. Watch out! FRESHIES New zombified victims that turn in front of your eyes and exhibit superior speed and ferocity. Freshie charge directly at prey, seeking to rip them limb-from-limb. HORDE The Horde is back and bigger than ever. They’re not smart on their own, but they have the numbers to compensate. Strike down ten and one hundred more pour through the door. Sometimes, it’s better to run.


Roto Killer Front
Roto Killer Back
Deck the Halls Front
Deck the Halls Back
Ion Cannon Front
Ion Cannon Back
Sticky Bomb Front
Sticky Bomb Back
Ornament Gun Front
Ornament Gun Back
Electric Axe Front
Electric Axe Back


Warmonger Treadmaker Killowatt Rolling Gourmet Bogey Monster Sling Rot


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